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I was never body confident and would always cover up at a pool or beach. Bodybuilding helped me defeat that and competing gave me a life changing goal to defeat a fear along with achieving something I didn't think was possible.

It's important to eat well and the term 'you are what you eat' is something that shouldn't be shrugged away. The term 'diet' should really be replaced by the term 'lifestyle'. Giving your body the clean fuel it needs will not only benefit your training but also helps maintain a good hormone level.

Alongside being a military PT and a boot camp instructor I am also building a business and I am always on the go. Leading a busy life can make it challenging to eat right throughout the day and even to have time to go to the supermarket. It's even harder to keep track of your macros and cook whilst in prep. Having your food preparation done for you saves time in your schedule and you won't have to worry about diverging from your diet. 

People forget about food quality and their source. MRF have fresh meat delivered to your door which saves time going to the store and the quality is assured.

UKBFF/IFBB bikini fitness competitor. 
Arnold Europe, British Championship and Diamond Cup finalist.  
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Kim Parker