About mrffoods


Across the UK there are thousands of people who want a healthier lifestyle, but are confused about what they should eat and/or do not have the time to prepare there meals. This often results in people snacking on junk foods, such as crisps and chocolate bars.. You wouldn’t put shampoo in the washing machine or petrol into a steam train – so why put junk into your body? Invest in your health, and have great tasting meals delivered fresh, straight to your door.


At mrf foods we make nutrition simple by cooking the macros your body needs. Our professionally qualified Chefs have created meals that are equally as tasty as they are healthy. Healthy bodies are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym and we guarantee our meals will help your journey to a better healthier you. We have also made our lean meat selection we use in our meal prep avalible to the public, providing top quality meats at rock bottem prices.


If you have read this far you clearly care about your health as much as we do. We understand that diets can be very complicated and hard to stick to, our aim is nutrition make simple. 

Step 1 - Stop worrying about prepearing your meals, and let us worry about it instead.

Step 2 - Choose the meal plan thats right for you, we offer double protein meals for performance athletes such as weightlifters, runners, boxers, who need extra protein for recovery.

Step 3 - Select your Protein, Carbohydrate, Superfood, and Sauce from our inspired menu.

Step 4 - Sit back and let us prepare your calorie controlled, healthly meals.

Step 5 - Have them deliverd to your door by our professional courier service, before 12pm, the next working day.

Step 6 - Eat your meals hot or cold, knowing your going to achive your goal, and living healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We dont like boring, and our guess is that you don’t either – so choose as many combinations for your meals as you like, there are no limits!

Build Your Meals


Previous to the founding of mrf foods, Chris and Liam noticed an ongoing trend of company's selling products online of mediocre quality at top end prices. The question then emerge of why can't business sell top quality products at reasonable prices?  The company was founded by Liam Jones & Chris Philipson in 2017. With Chris`s background in personal training and gym membership sales,he decided to team up with Liam (a professional chef with over 30 years experience) with a clear objective of making healthy eating more convenient and accessible. At mrf foods we have succeeded in providing top quality, affordable products sourced from different parts of Britain, Europe and South America. At mrf foods we believe we have provided products that are just as good as we say they are, and is now available to the public of Britain.


Being a professional athlete from the age of 16, I have also understood the importance of diet and nutrition.  When I was given the bad news that my professional career had to be cut short due to injury,I then turned all my efforts to my secondary passion...food.  I traveled to the south coast of Spain and whilst learning a second language I emerged myself in to Spanish cuisine, working in restaurants, bars and Spanish chingugettos (Pool and beach bars). A year later I came home to England to work front of house and in the kitchen of a well established Italian restaurant. This is where I developed my skills as a chef.  I'm also a 3rd generation, food retail, family business owner with over 80 years experience in the industry.    


I have always had great passion and desire for health and fitness, and have always played a number of sports. When I left school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life or what career path I wished to pursue. I had had a great interest for sports nutrition and performance, as around this time of leaving school I become obsessed with bodybuilding and weight training. I began to understand and educated myself on different training and nutrition methods in order to achieve specific goals. With this passion and desire I decided to enroll on a Exercise and Nutrition course at my local college, and also obtained my level 2 and 3 personal training qualifications. After this course I decided to progress my education further and attended the University Of Chester, to complete a BSc. Physical Activity & Health Degree.