mrf Athlete - Lizzy Goddard

From a young age, I've always had a passion for health and fitness. A big part of that came from my father Brian Goddard; 3x British Champion Bodybuilder, Mr Universe. 

Using my dads knowledge I started to train and switch up my nutrition to eat to fuel my body. At a young age I suffered from a eating disorder as I thought it was the "in thing" to be skinny. That soon changed when my inspiration was to be strong and beautiful. I used the motto everyday "eating to be beautiful" to defeat my illness.

Within the passed 3 years after teaching pole fitness I saw my body change to the strong toned physique rather then the skinny fat. I then wanted to use my past and my passion for health and fitness to help others. 
I qualified to be a personal trainer and now work in a high end studio ICAN in Alderley edge.

2016 was the year I plucked up the confidence and with the guidance of my father And got on stage. I competed 3 times in 2016 placing 2nd in WFF and an amazing 1st place in NABBA Novice miss Britain toned figure . After this I new that I found that competing was for me and I loved everything about it. 

I began prep again in January 2017 for NABBA qualifier in may which I placed 2nd and qualified for NABBA Britain which I placed in 3rd place or of an amazing Line up of 28 amazing girls. 
We all know that nutrition plays a massive part; specially in preparing for a show so having mrffoods helping me out for both my off season and on prep is amazing as I know I can meet my macros and have the best quality food at hand. 

NABBA toned Figure Competitor 
Personal trainer.

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